Why Us

We consider ourselves as part of team.
We aim to serve you well and excel your expectations.


Our linguists are all experts, and most have advanced degrees or business experience. Our translations are 100% human, and we use the latest state-of-the-art technology.
What determines the quality of the translation? In essence, it is a matter of rendering the meaning of the source text in the most accurate manner in the target language. In order to achieve that, our linguists must be completely versed in the respective domain, understand the terminology and its usage and master the target language. Anyone who knows both languages can translate. One of the characteristics of a high quality translation is that the text sounds and feels as if it was written originally in the target language. That is the hallmark of quality.


All of our products comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Specialized in Legal

Our solutions are tailored to the legal and business industry. We make it our business to serve yours. Our translations are all done by linguists with relevant education and experience.
We have been translating legal and business documents for many years. Some of our team members have been translating for over 25 years. This long-term experience means that we’ve already seen and done pretty much anything and everything you will ask us to do for you.


As part of our process, and at no additional charge to you, a senior linguist double-checks every word we deliver.
Any writer can benefit from a copy-editor and a proofreader. That is why all books and professional publications are edited. We know from experience that four eyes (or more) are better than two. Our rigorous quality assurance process includes copy editing, proofreading, and adherence to the appropriate glossary.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is priceless. It comes from knowing that the translation you submit to Court, your business partners or clients is accurate with respect to the source text.
It is also a result of knowing that whatever we commit to, we deliver. We can promise that, because we are a project-oriented organization, and our structure and methods are designed to support a 24/7/365 availability and service.

Personal Attention

Your dedicated personal account manager ensures that you get what you asked for on time. We deliver on time, every time.


We can accommodate your budget with retainer-based complete translation solutions which are much more cost-effective.



One of our dedicated account managers can help you right now to simplify your translation projects and reduce total cost