If you are entertaining a doubt about the quality of a translation you’ve purchased elsewhere, why don’t you let us uncover the truth. Send us the documents, and we shall submit the translation into our own quality control process. We will tell you how good it is and can even fix it to conform to our own standards.

Our Commitment to Quality

While we are experts in legal and business translation, we are really in the business of providing you with peace of mind. Therefore, we strive to the highest quality. It’s what’s turns us into a trusted partner to legal and business professionals worldwide. When every word counts, and the accuracy of a translation may be the difference between success and failure, we are the type of partners you can rely on.

A well-designed process is required to produce an excellent legal or business translation. It starts with the translator. All of Juridica Lingua’s linguists are accomplished professionals, with many holding law degrees and other advanced degrees (PhDs, MBAs) in their specialist fields. Every linguist has been evaluated for subject-area expertise as well as language mastery.

Next, each translation is thoroughly subjected to a quality assurance process. This ensures its accuracy, readability and quality – how well it is written and how the original message is conveyed in the translation. An excellent translation is not only accurate, but also reads as if it was originally written in the target language.

In essence, quality is embodied in what we produce, and an integral part of everything we do. It far exceeds our translations and governs the way we relate to each other; inside our company, with our providers and with our clients.






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